Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Brush With Greatness

I hear Andy Rooney is retiring from 60 Minutes so I get to relate this story once again.

A long, long time ago when I was much younger and less hideous, me and my BFF worked in the same building were 60 Minutes is taped. The DEA also had offices in the building and we were always getting bomb threats long, looonnnggg before 9/11. This fact has nothing to do with the story I'm relating. Just thought I'd mention it.

So. . . it's Friday night. My and BFF are all tarted up and ready to dance the night away at the Copa. Really. We were going to the Copacabana. It was that long ago. We're outside the building trying to hail a cab and Andy Rooney walks out and tries to hail a cab too. Well, we were not gonna stand for that. We were there first. We walk out onto the street and act as pretty as we can. It doesn't take long before a taxi screeches to a stop in front of us.

The taxi pulls off and the driver slows down a bit and asks, "Hey, do you girls know that guy?" He indicates his rearview mirror.

We turn around and see Andy Rooney chasing the taxi down the street, waving his hands and yelling. He chased the cab for the whole damned block and, lemme tell ya, the blocks between the avenues in midtown Manhattan are very long.

I turn to BFF and say, "We're gonna be on TV. 'Doncha hate it when young tarted up girls steal your taxi? I know I do!'"

P.S. We did NOT steal his taxi. We were there first. He shoulda worn a mini-skirt and glitter make-up.

Yeup, that's how I remember it. Except with much less tables. We went there to disco the night away, not watch a show.

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