Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Still Trying To Find Ways To Make Money

. . . that don't include being pushy and obnoxious. I've started re-listing on Etsy. I am re-listing the jewelry as new items as an experiment. Etsy used to list according to recency, which meant you had to list as often as possible to show up in a search. They have changed their search from recency to relevance. I am not sure how that works. If you list your item as 'earring, chandelier, crystal'-- pretty standard search terms-- and 100 other sellers use those same terms, how does Etsy decide who will be listed on top and who will be listed way on the bottom?

So far I have found that the only difference the relevance search has done for my items is to drop them more quickly from the top of the search page. They still show up near the top of the search page when they are first listed but they drop very quickly thereafter.

The one thing this new Etsy search thingy has done is to make me write really boring descriptions of my items since Etsy insists they use item descriptions as part of their relevancy algorithm. Soooo. . . I am now going to delete the earrings I de-listed and add them again one by one with new, boring descriptions. Let's hope that helps. Here's the first example of a boring listing. Contrast and compare to the other listings. See what I mean?

Over at Artfire I've gotten a whole lot more looky-loos in one day than I ever got on Etsy. This could be due to the fact that I had to ask a question in their forums. Talking in the forums tends to drive up views since people wanna know where the hell your coming from and what kind of crap your selling. Here, take a looky-loo at the crap I'm selling on Artfire.

Ya know, one of the ways I can try to sell more of my crap is to stop calling it crap. Must work on that. Got a list going now.
  • Smile
  • Say "Hello"
  • Don't call your jewelry "crap"

Yeah, I'll be on my first million in no time!

Today's beauty shot is a mosaic from Chest of Hope, a money raising art project for cancer. Well, not for cancer, that would be stupid. Nobody's for cancer. If anything, it's an art project against cancer. You all know what I mean.


  1. Hey girly! I looked at your Artfire page. Conclusion: you are not charging *nearly* enough money. You should at least double the prices. Also, I think you will start selling more as we get closer to the winter holidays. Do you have any craft shows/mall kiosks/similar stuff lined up?

  2. Everybody tells me that! But if I can't sell em at 10 how am I supposed to sell em at 20?

    I've got 2 craft shows in my sights but I gotta check with hubby as he is my transport. Oktoberfest at the Astoria Market Beer garden on 10/5 and the Manhasset Fall Festival on 10/15.