Monday, September 19, 2011

I Am Too Disorganized To Hope To Make A Dime

My display thingy is awaiting its molding. That's not gonna happen until Friday or Saturday. I will have to watch The Boy make them so that I can learn how to make the angle cuts with the chop saw my own damned self. I've made 4 of those 'gift boxes'-- the decoupage boxes with either a pendant or a ring inside. What I need to do and am putting off doing, is taking everything down off the Etsy (please visit, yadda, yadda) and starting all over again.

I could deactivate them one at a time. Edit them and then reactivate them. But I've dragged my feet so long on this that I'm going either sell them at the old prices at Astoria Market or have much cheaper prices on the internet than at face to face sales. You know, I should be deactivating and editing right now, instead of writing in this here blog.

Ayeup. I should get right on that. This second. No more procrastinating. Jump to it-- chop! chop!. I'm getting to it riiiiiight noo. . .. Hey, I didn't do a pic today! What should this picture be of? I want it to be personal. Something that when a reader sees it, they'll learn a little something about me and what kind of person I really am deep inside. Lemme go search the internet for that one, perfect picture of the inner me.

Found it!

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