Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Everything is bagged and tagged because of the craft show, so now is the perfect time to make an actual inventory list instead of relying on my own memory. Which is a very bad idea. Sometimes I forget my own children's names and I only have two of them. ("Eb. . . Jus. . . you know who you are!" You've done that, right?). Surprisingly, I do remember all my pieces. I remember making them and naming them. I just don't remember exactly how many I have nor how much I'm charging for them.

My pricing system goes something like this: What is the price of the materials in this pair of earrings? I dunno. The Swarovski crystals are pretty expensive but the resin beads are damn cheap. These beads were given to me, so they were free. . . um, $5 dollars worth of material? That sounds good. I'll charge eight bucks for it.

I have a sneaking suspicion that even if I sold every piece I've already made, it would not equal my expenditures (again, the number of pieces is unknown to me. For some reason, this fact bothers me the most. I have no idea how many earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces I have made. None. I R dum) which are partially collected in a plastic bag. My expenditures, I mean. I have a plastic bag full of receipts. These are, by no means, all of my receipts. Just the ones I remembered to put in the plastic bag.

To top all of this off, I have absolutely no idea how many pieces I've sold and for how much. If the piece was purchased through my Etsy-- come visit, buy something and add to the chaos. Do it now while the prices are dirt cheap!-- I have a record of the sale. If the piece was not purchased through Etsy, I have no record and no idea. And I sold a lot through not-Etsy.

Today is re-do day. I will add to my bag of receipts the purchase of one (1) composition notebook into which I will put each piece of jewelry, what it is made of and how much I am charging for it. I will also add more lumber to my bag of reciepts-- for two more, much smaller, Display Thingies. But that will be a story for a different blog entry.

Today's pic is something slightly different. Instead of Art Nouveau it's Art Decco, Nouveau,s angular, geometric cousin.

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