Monday, January 30, 2012

What Am I Making?

It has been mentioned already but now that I know I'm not gonna get rich making jewelry, I am free to craft whatever the hell I feel like. This is not a good thing. This leads to me making crap with no use or function. Take this for example:

What the hell is that? Is it an earring? A brooch? A pendant? A Christmas tree ornament? I don't know! It's not as if that thing took a few minutes to make. The wrapping took hours. And during all those hours of wrapping, did I stop to think about why I was doing all that wrapping? Of course not! So there you have it. A black and silver thing with rocks.

I saw a pattern for a wire bird and thought it was kinda cute, so I made one. And then I said to myself, I said Self, why is this bird flying around? and my self answered Stop talking to yourself, you fucking idiot! Then I made the nest. So there you have it. A bird and a nest.

Maybe I should not write these while I'm in pain. Pain makes me all stabby.

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