Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ribbon. Ribbon is the New Trend

Yesterday I was being a whiny little bitch because I couldn't buy even more crap than I already have. Which is especially douchey considering all the wonderful and not crappy stuff I've been given by friends AND strangers. In fact, I have so much wonderful and not crappy stuff on hand, my wanting to buy even MORE stuff is a glaring example the failure of my imagination. Last night I got to working with what I have.

In the past I bought these two for a dollar ribbon spools from the 99 Cent Store. One is the perfect length for a necklace. I made another Ridiculous Caged Fluorite and strung it on a ribbon thusly:
The fluorite and the topper-thinger-whatsit were both free gifts from the on line stores from which I have made many purchases. Although I spent money to get them, they, themselves were free. The Ridiculous Caged Fluorite looks happy attached to the not fancy ribbon. I think I may wrap a thin gold colored chain around the ribbon, to give it more heft.

Also jumping on to this ribbon bandwagon is this bracelet I made. The lampwork bead was given to me by the lovely and talent Karen (who is most definitley not cranky). I have got a lot to say about this bracelet.

It is what I pictured in my head. I like it alot. I am extremely pleased with it and would do it all over again. Except for a few very minor changes. To better understand what I'm about to talk about, let's get a closer look at the bracelet:

First and foremost: cheap mylar ribbon is nasty stuff. The only thing it is remotely good for is tying balloons. I will replace the ribbon with fabric material the first chance I get.

The figure eight links are too flimsy and small. I'm gonna have to replace them with 18 gauge wire.

While I'm using a heavier gauge wire, I might as well use silver colored wire. Silver goes so much better with blue.

Speaking of blue. That mylar ribbon is actually a very pale blue in real life. The glass bead is between a light blue and lavender. The bells a much brighter blue. At least that's what they looked like upstairs. Downstairs the ribbon turned almost white and the bead skipped the light blue and went straight to lavender. In the picture both the ribbon and the bead turned pink. They teach classes on color values. If I ever were to take one, I'm sure I'd flunk.

Silver colored links call for silver charms. The brass flowers will have to go. And I'll have to re-hang all the bells with silver wire too.

I'll probably replace the glass bead with a large clear faceted crystal.

But besides that, the bracelet is perfection and I wouldn't change a thing.

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