Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who Decides TheseThings?

I've been searching for trends in crafting we may be in for in 2012 and what I've found is that the people who decide what will be trendy are making it up as they go along. That, and they're all cracked in the cranium.

Pantone, the fashion color people, are showing less saturation than we've been getting lately, even though the big 'in' color, Tangerine Tango is -well - colorful. The new spring colors do not have that neon harshness that makes me wanna vent some intraocular fluid. This is probably because I'm old. No, I am not going to mention the color names. They are also quite subdued. Except for Cockatoo Blue. That one is a bit much.

Halstead Beads tells me crystal hearts will be trending very soon. A bold statement considering the popularity of crystal and the upcoming love-infested holiday. Along with their daring call for fidelity locks and romance inspired charms, I daresay they're dipping gingerly into much chartered waters!

Tribal is very in. Although I can't quite figure out what the hell is meant by 'tribal'. I'm almost sure it isn't something school girls wear daily, JW Anderson.Donna Karan was inspired by all those tribes. . . in Haiti. What does this mean to crafters? It means stock up on leather, feathers and puca shells.


  1. That heart looks like the eye of Sauron

  2. The better to show my undying, evil love.