Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's The Little Things

Sometimes I get an idea and it won't leave me alone until it is out of my head and in my hand. This happened to me last night. I don't mind when this happens to me so long as it happens at a reasonable damned hour. Last night this mania struck me at 11 pm. Even that isn't too bad. Unless the idea in my head takes more than 7 hours to manifest itself into a piece of jewelry. Silver lining-- I was able to prevent Hubby from oversleeping with a "Hey, HEY! It's 6:30! Time to get up and keep me in the manner to which I have become accustomed!"

What I made was a choker. I call it Choke on Grapes. Why? Because I like to name my jewelry in such a way that no one would want to buy it. Not on purpose but because my brain dwells in the land of the unappetizing and that's the type of name it attaches to things. Plus, take a look at it.

That's 8 hours of work right there but do you know the part that I love the most? The part that I think is the most bad-assed piece of jewelry making that I've done in weeks? Not that big ole throat adornment nor the labor intensive wrapped links but the toggle. I just LOVE it when I visualize something and then, when I make it, it comes out looking as cool as I thought it would.

In celebrity news, Betty White had a 90th birthday on TV. Me and hubby watched it. I say to him, "Ya know, Betty White was the oldest of all the Golden Girls. She was born in January of '22 and Bea Arthur was born in May of '22. She beat Bea by about 5 months." To which hubby replies, "Nope. She beat out Bea by still being alive."

In dead celebrity news, Jimmy Castor died. If you don't know who Jimmy Castor was, you are either too young or unfunkified. Here, get yourself some funk. Be warned, there is a cartoon titty behind this link.

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