Sunday, January 29, 2012

Not Medical Curiosity Sunday

Due to a medical condition, I've been in quite a bit of pain this last week. This has made me unhappy and I was going to spread this unhappiness to anyone who would wander into this blog by doing a whole entry on medical curiosities. But I came to my senses. Instead I was going to dip back into images that make me happy, namely Art Nouveau. But I've already done that. Sooooo, how 'bout some Art Deco? Specifically, how 'bout the Art Deco of my childhood?

I didn't live in this building but the one next to it. My building didn't have that neat mosaic on the outside but all the buildings had grand and incongruous lobbies with geometric designed marble floors and ornate door moldings. These did not match up with the steel doors with teeny peepholes and multiple door locks on them.

This is a ceiling, not a floor. But it illustrates the point. This is a building on 161st and The Grand Concourse.
How can you live in Art Deco splendor and not know it? This is how. I don't think Sagamore Apartments, Inc still manages the building.

We lived within walking distance of the Loew's Paradise and went often. It was a multiplex at the time with a filthy red carpet and only hints of it's former glory. This picture is the facade as I remember it. The restoration has changed it.

Seriously, how can you put that behind drop ceilings and panel walls? Going up to the theaters on the upper floor, you did pass empty recessed niches, which we'd climb into as a goof. It's funny because we did think it was a cool place, we just didn't understand the enormity of it's coolness.

It is so good to see these treasures being restored to their former glory.

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