Thursday, February 2, 2012

Better Than Murder

They say that pain increases the creative spirit. They also say "it's too cold to snow", so it should be established that they are a bunch of idiots. Still, once I was released from my pain I did go on a creative jag. Here's what I did.

Remember that bird and nest that I didn't know what to do with? Here they are. I would like to make a wire stand for it but I think soldering would be involved and I don't solder. Don't own a torch and wouldn't know what to do with one anyway. Perhaps I'll get my son to do it. Or, much more likely, I'll attach picture wire to the back.

Once I made a bird, I saw no reason not to make a butterfly. I didn't see a reason to make one either but what the hell, here's a butterfly. The question now is should I frame it like the bird and nest or should I attach it somehow to a stick so some young girl with poor taste and rainbow unicorn posters in her room can wear it in her hair. I think I could even ribbon it into a necklace. How 'bout a stand alone butterfly just being all butterflyery laying about and not doing anything. I don't know! My imagination is failing me. Maybe I need another douse of incredible pain to grease the engines.

Still on a nature kick, I made these leaf earrings. There is only a picture of one because I showed my husband one when I was done making them and he ate it. Or stuck it up his bum. Or threw it in the trash-- I dunno. All I know is I showed it to him and it disappeared.

Stars, that's what I was seeing while writhing around wishing I were dead. Bright red sunbursting stars. Here they are in wire form. What are they? Earrings? Charms on a bracelet? Something to lay next to the butterfly with no other purpose than to be wire wrapped stars laying about? I tell you there is no meaning to my wrapping now that I'm not trying to sell everything I make.

Enough with this nature crap. Here's a fancy bracelet instead. I may put it up for sale or I may wear it to the job interview I have tomorrow. Once I wear it it can't be sold. Thems the rules, I didn't make them up. Oh wait, yes I did.

One last thing. This here turquoise ring. This ring I would wear for sure except that it's a size 6 and it won't fit my sausage fingers. You'd think I'd be smart enough to make a ring that would fit me but you'd be so, so wrong. About as wrong as 'they' are about most things.

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