Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This Entry Is Not About Wire Weaving Even Though That's All I've Been Doing Lately

Besides bitching and punching holes in copper, I've been doing a lot of wire weaving. Had to stop punching holes in copper because I ran out of copper. I am trying to resist the urge to buy more copper sheets. Cannot buy any more jewelry crap until I find a job. That's the deal I made with myself to show myself that I AM NOT A CRAFTING ADDICT. I can stop whenever I want to. I just don't want to. Just in case I really am an addict, I've decided to crunch some numbers.

Contenti has 22 gauge copper at $16 for 144 square inches. About .11 psi.
Beaducation is selling 24 gauge copper squares. That's 1.5 square inches at .70 .
FJD On Time (what kind of name is that for a jewelry supply outfit?) has a $1.95 copper "practice" sheet that is six square inches.
I think we have a winner! And, Metaliferous has a 6x6 22gauge sheet for 3.80. This is a PDF, btw. Spending three dollars and eighty cents isn't really spending money on jewelry crap, is it?

For your viewing pleasure, here is a pendant made totally with cold connections.

Jima and Carlie Abbot say this is all cold connected and I'm sure they wouldn't lie about it. I'd love to see which cold connection techniques they used to make that lovely pendant. O.K., I'll be honest. I don't personally know Jima or Carlie and I have no idea whether or not they are big fat liars, so I'm not sure at all that they wouldn't lie. But, it has been my experience that artisan jewelry makers don't lie about how they made their stuff. So, yeah, I'm almost sure they wouldn't lie about it.

P.S. FDJ On Time is a Canadian kind of name for a jewelry supply outlet. Just so's you know, they only take Western Union internationally.

If you guessed I bought the copper, you'd be wrong. Oh, I went to the site, put it in my shopping cart, clicked checkout and estimated the shipping cost and then. . . firstly, the price of copper has risen and the sheet is now $4.55 and the cheapest shipping price is $12.50. Seventeen dollars is a lot different from three eighty.

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