Monday, February 27, 2012

I Did Find Time For Jewelry

Even though this last week was a whirlwind of crap on top of appointments that were indistinguishable from disappointment, I still found time for jewelry making. It's good that I did. It's how I restrain myself from stabbing stinky fellow bus riders in the throat when they won't stop being stinky while trying to engage me in their schizophrenic word salad conversations. I just say to myself, self when you get home you can beat with a hammer and punch holes in some metal.

I loved this ring so much I wore it and I will wear it again. I enjoyed it so much I made it some companions. These companions are only to keep it company since I cannot wear them. The earrings I can't wear because I can't wear any earrings. The holes in my ears have closed.

The bracelet is non-wearable because I am a horrible, terrible jewelry maker. While I did measure it against my wrist while constructing it, I did not take into account that my big, fat hand will have to fit through it also. But it's worse than that. Not only does my big, fat hand not fit through the bangle, no one under the age of 7 will be able to fit their hand through it. It is pretty though.

This here is a copper tree necklace. It was only after I affixed the stuff to the copper that I realized the edges could use a whole lot more banging. As soon as I get more copper sheets I will revisit this type design/technique whosits with better proportioned elements, more texture on the curly vine connections and a much more hammered edge.

It is obvious I need a lot more practice in texturing with a hammer. Not only did the copper square edges not get the proper amount of beating but the curly connection links lost their texture once they were curled around a dowel.

P.S., Is it cheating that I use random orbital sander to knock down the sharp edges of my copper squares? Because it would take days to get them so that they don't draw blood otherwise.

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