Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oodles of Doodles

Do you doodle in the margins? I always did and now that I spend a lot of time with wire, I doodle there too. If my tool case is nearby I toss the doodles in there.

Now that looks like a jumbled mess that I oughta toss. What it actually is are doodles and remnant pieces of wire that will become doodles. What is a doodle? Well, there are some letters in there. For example, here's a 'B':

I have yet to master a capital 'A' but in trying I can make a bitchin' candle. I've also got clovers and loop de loops tangled in there.

With all the weaving I've been doing lately, I've had a lot of thin gauge wire scraps. Those are fun to doodle with. I've made flowers:

and bicycles

and people

One day I'll make a people on a bicycle pendant if I can figure out how to get the guy to sit on the bike.

Yeah, I need a hobby. Oh wait, this is my hobby! I guess I'll carry on.

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