Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This Entry Is Not About Hole Punching Even Though That's All I Ever Talk About

Wire weaving. I am obsessed by it. It is my new and most favorite technique. I have made my favorite piece of jewelry using it. If I keep doing it, I should get better and better at it so my weaving will be more precise and neat and my designs can get more intricate. I hope.

This ring is my favorite. If I had two other crystals like this, I'd make matching earrings. But I don't have two other stones, only one. Should have thought to make earrings with them in the first place.

But waitaminit! Now that I'm sitting here typing these words, it struck me. I should make another ring! Because I like this ring so much, I'm gonna wear it. Which is saying a lot because even though I make scads of jewelry, I don't wear any. I don't wear make-up either. It's this philosophy I have about gilding the turd. Yeah, I've decided. Making another one of these.

A couple of entries back I spoke about wanting to try a three pronged weave. This is my first try at it. It is unevenly spaced and a little wonky, but not bad for a first try, I think.

The same piece face front. The bead used is a beautiful tiger quartz that I hope to find again someday once I'm able to buy more crap. Sometimes it isn't easy to find the same stones again, especially if purchased from a meatspace store. On line stores seems to have an endless cache of whatever it is they sell. At the local store, you get what they get and that's it.

This is a heart pendant. Isn't she pretty? The dip between her two ventricles is a loop and not the traditional sharp 'V' because I wasn't sure the weave would bend that way and keep it's weave-y integrity. Which made the heart a bit smaller than intended. No matter, she's still pretty.

I wanted to try a tighter weave so I made this snake ring. After I made it I realized I could have made a much, much better snake ring if I had known starting out I was making a snake ring. Another one of these will be made and this time the snake will have a rattle on its tail and a flicking tongue at its head.

And there you have it, my latest obsession. I am now off to Ace Handicraft (THEY HAVE PARKING!) to get more wire even though I said I wasn't going to buy more craft junk. This is only because this is an emergency. All that obsessing as depleted my wire stock and I need some ASAP. Being out of 16 gauge silver and gold colored wire is not makeing me twitchy. Nope. Not at all. Not feeling the least bit uncomfortable knowing I have no 16 gauge wire. Because I do have 18 gauge and that's almost the same thing, right? RIGHT??!!!

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