Friday, December 16, 2011

Project Rip-Off Called on Account of Ouch

An entry on Friday? That's unheard of! But since I didn't write an entry yesterday, I figured I'd make up for it. And the reason why there was no entry yesterday was because I was seeing a man about my knees. The man said, "No squatting, bending or kneeling until such a time as we can see why there is liquid in your knee with an MRI." So carpet removing is right out. Unless. . .

If I stand on a lower stair, I can cut and rip an upper stair without any knee bending. I'm not sure how staple and tack board removal would work without kneeling. I'll think of something.

In other, more adorable news, look how cute!

Do you think there's a large call for Ear Nests out there?

Also, do you know why they call it a 'chasing hammer'? Because if you don't hold your piece down on securely and endanger your fingers while you do so, you'll be chasing it said piece all over the room.

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