Monday, December 19, 2011

Looks Like I Need Constraints

Making jewelry for sale means you have to think about, well, selling the jewelry you make. So you have to make salable jewelry, no? One of the things to keep in mind is making your niche. So I had two shops with clearly defined merchandise: earrings and boxed trinkets. Ever since it became obvious that I was not going to replace a real job with selling jewelry, I've been freed. Here are some of the things I've made recently that do not fit into my salable niche.

Doodad Necklace. I had high hopes for this necklace while I was making it. After it was done, however, my appreciation for it fell precipitously. Look at it. It's so. . . busy. Still, it was made by my hand and I find each component of the necklace quite lovely. It's just that all together it looks very WTFish to me.

These were made with the hope was that they would eventually become earrings. Only there is no way to attach ear wires that make sense. Plus, they are delicate little things made from fine wire and not at all suited for the rigors of hanging charms. And even if I made them into hanging charms, how in the hell would I connect them? WTF am I going to do with these guys?

What is this thing? I don't know. But I made it and I like it. It is a thing that is pretty. I did have this following conversation with Hubby about them.
Me: Whattyathink? Maybe attach some leather to it? Figure out where chains could go?
Hubby: Like a pendant? That's kind of big for a pendant. You should make another for earrings.
Me: You think it's too big to be a pendant so I should make earrings out of it?
Hubby: Yeah. Pendants should be really small, no? And you know how dem gurls love big earrings.
Me: I love you so much, dear. But really, WTF?

All this to say that I am seriously considering opening up another Artfire storefront. It'll be called 'WTF!' and will showcase all the things I make that have no purpose other than to be made by me.

Put up new earrings (The Nests) on my Etsy and look for my WTF! studio on Artfire coming soon!

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