Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh, It Just Got Real Up In Here!

This blog post is to all the jewelry ganstas out there who ain't frontin'. They're designing and making authentic bling that don't lie. They're keeping it real. Really, really real.

Take our first realist. RosaMillieICARO. She dips real roses in resin and makes jewelry out of them. These rosebud earrings are so real, the only thing missing is the prick. And, let's face it, we all have enough pricks in our lives.

Laura McCabe has a whole art studio full of real. One section of her shop named Exotic Eye Cuffs got my hopes especially high. Alas, those bracelets are made with real fake eyes. They are antique glass eyes so there is a chance some poor WWI vet wore them in his head, but they aren't real real eyes. I did not leave Laura's studio without a measure of realness. The choker pictured is made with real beetle wings.

Katie VanBlaricum not one-ups, but two-ups, Laura in the keeping it real department. Katie doesn't use just wings, she uses the whole beetle. And then, to top that off, uses a real leaf dipped in copper, driving the realness factor up by eleventy. If you click the link, you will see that Katie has a whole shop full of realness and that she really likes bugs. Or hates them. I can't tell which.

Over at ArtFire TheHouseThatCrowBuilt has a whole slew of Morpho butterfly wing pendants. This shop name makes me wonder if the designer had a pet crow who would present her with "presents" like a cat will sometimes do. Except instead of dead mice and birds, the crow delivered mutilated butterflies. I sure hope morpho butterflies aren't endangered.

These beauties were found on Care More's creations photostream. They are ammonite pendants made with real fossils. Poor ammonoideas, they didn't make it out of the Cretaceous Period, so these pendants have been real dead for a real long time.

Last but not least is this bitey pendant. It was sold on Etsy a long time ago but the Etsy seller is no longer there. And yet, this artisan's work is so real it has outlived the artist, surpassed real and spring-boarded, jaw first, into legend. It is said the designer found this mandible on an island owned by one Dr. Moreau.

I was going to once again link to some taxidermy jewelry. However, I have linked to some in the past and really, once you've seen one hamster hair ornament you've seen them all.

Queen of Sheeeba's Etsy
PinkSlinkie's Artfire Studio

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