Saturday, May 5, 2012

It Is 5 AM And I Am Melting Metal

This entry's subject is two lies strung together. It is not 5am, it is ten to seven and I am not melting wire, I am at the computer typing. But it was 5 am when I first thought about typing this entry and I will be melting metal, oh yessiree! I got my micro torch and I'm gonna set the world on fire.

Meanwhile back at the asylum, I thought about entering Rings & Things' contest but then on closer inspection, I saw that, in order to enter, you must buy at least 30 bucks worth of beads and chain from them and the prizes are all Rings & Things gift certificates. That isn't very sporty of them, is it? Still, if I had the money I'd enter. Not like I haven't spent far more than thirty bucks on jewelry making supplies without any hope of getting something back.

And then, on an even closer, less stupid inspection, I saw that not only do I need to buy at least thirty dollars worth of jewelry making supplies, I also need to build a time machine as the contest ended on my birthday, which was in January.

And lastly, on a slightly less retarded note, I have continued my search for World of Warcraft jewelry. A few items were found but none of them-- NONE-- are from the jewelcrafting profession. Still, I must put a picture in my entry or I will feel naked for the rest of the day. So here is a cute hearthstone keyring. My search for a fitting Westros crown continues unsatisfied.

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